Tips for Exhibiting in Gulfood 2016

Tips for Exhibiting in Gulfood 2016

Exhibiting in trade shows is one of the most effective marketing strategies for a company. Aside from networking and expanding your market, it is also an opportunity for you to know your competitors. Furthermore, attending and exhibiting both let you keep up with the latest when it comes to your line of business.

Whether it is your first time to exhibit or your company is already experienced in this field, you will always want to give your best and make the most out of this marketing strategy. In any endeavor, preparation is the key. Here we will share with you helpful tips for the pre-show, during show, and post-show.

Pre-event – Your marketing department has finally decided that you will be joining Gulfood 2016, the world’s biggest annual food and hospitality show. So what’s next?

  1. Determine the goals that you want to achieve in the trade show. Don’t forget to make your marketing goals SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. But among other goals, you have to determine first whether you are in the show to introduce your company, to make sales or just to raise brand awareness.
  2. Make sure to select an exhibition stand contractor that fully understands your company’s marketing goals. Do you want a simple shell scheme or do you want to go for a grander customized stand?
  3. Don’t forget to review the show manual over and over. As early as possible, accomplish all pending tasks to the show organizers. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to fully iron out important tasks. Make sure that you are following the organizer’s rules and regulations.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of digital media. Maximize the use of your website and social media accounts to let everyone know about your exhibit. Send invites to all relevant contacts.
  5. Have a run through before the show opens. After tidying up and finalizing your booth, make sure that you and your exhibition contractor are there to make sure that everything’s all prepped up and working. You wouldn’t want to have some power problem before or during the show, right?
  6. Prepare leaflets/brochures for your visitors. Keep them informative but short. Chances are, your visitors will only take a quick scan of your pamphlets and move on to the next booth so make sure that you give them something that they can remember.
  7. Select the right team members that are well-suited for the event and the audience. Have someone that can fully represent your company in the show. Pick those that are friendly and are accommodating so they’ll be able to attract visitors to your stand.
  8. A pre-show meeting or training for all exhibition staff would be best to familiarize everyone with the company’s products and services.

During event – With hundreds and sometimes even thousands of exhibitors competing against your booth, you have to make sure that you leave a lasting impression to your stakeholders.

  1. Never leave the booth unattended. Stand close to the aisle and not huddled in the back or in the center of your stand.
  2. Be accommodating and greet all people that come by your booth. You may have a small giveaway on ready because people always like free stuff.
  3. Provide as much coverage for your exhibit: real time posting of status/updates, live tweeting, or updating your Instagram account can be useful when you’re in the show.
  4. Make sure that you are not outnumbered. Have enough people to man the booth. Set a booth schedule so that they can also check out other exhibition stands to see your competition.
  5. Power dressing is also a key. Ensure that your team members are professionally dressed and trained.
  6. Collect leads. Determine your option of collecting leads, do you want to do this by collecting business card, or using tablet or smartphone apps where they can register upon arriving to your stand? This depends on the size of the show and the number of expected leads.

Post-event – Your job doesn’t stop once the trade show is done. Here are some post-event tips.

  1. Follow up on you leads as soon as possible. Send them a personalized email telling them about the pleasure of meeting them at the trade show and to check possible business relationship.
  2. Publish news story and photos of the event coverage. Write press releases and blogs, and publish photos of your successful event in the Gulfood.

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