One of the main questions when exhibiting in a trade show is the amount of time spent on the event planning and organization. There’s no default answer as to how much time you should allot for planning in your exhibit. But it actually depends on what you are trying to achieve at the event. If this event is a big moneymaker, then it is probably worth investing a good amount of time. For those events that have strict budgetary restraints, the amount of time invested will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Quality is also an important factor in determining how much time to devote to event planning. Usually, the more time that is allowed, the higher quality the event will be. If the event is a corporate presentation, which is designed for brand building or selling, the quality will need to be quite high. Internal events that are educational in nature might not require as much glitz in the presentation aspects.

Develop an Event Planning Calendar

It is best that you finalize the details as soon as possible so your chosen contractor can give you the best possible offer.

We in Boundless can help you with your exhibition needs as we have participated in Qatar Trade Shows several times. Here are some of the stands we’ve built in the show’s previous editions.


Bahrain e-Government @ QITCOM


MaTrade @ Project Qatar



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