Your company has finally decided to exhibit in one of the biggest real estate shows in UAE. Now, with all the other big companies that will be exhibiting in the show as well, you want to make sure that you will have an eye-catching stand in the upcoming real estate show. With thousands of exhibitors in the show, it would be a challenge to stand out and make a big impact to your targeted audience in the show. Here are some tips that you may find helpful when you exhibit in Cityscape Global 2016.

  1. After you’ve determined your company’s goals and objectives in exhibiting, make sure to get the right look and feel.
  2. Choose the right contractor. Contact several bidders to propose a design for you. Better if you can provide them your budget beforehand so they can determine what look and what type of materials they can use in your stand. Provide your prospected stand-builders with a clear and concise brief. Make sure that you tell them exactly what you want.
  3. Prepare giveaways.
  4. Think of a gimmick or a promo, say photobooth
  5. Communicate well the event organizer. Choose a strategic place for your stand. Make sure to choose the right people, you may also check this article to get some tips if you’re a first time exhibitor in Cityscape Global
  6. Select the team members that are well-suited for the event and the audience. Have someone that can attract and invite people to your stand. Pick friendly and accommodating representatives for your stand.
  7. Don’t forget to tell people. Make sure that you create a buzz about your exhibit. Put up banners in your website, include a small footer in your signature, create press releases, and make the most out of your social media assets.

Make sure to choose the right people, you may also check this article to get some tips if you’re a first time

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