Exhibiting in shows could be a big responsibility especially if you’re the person in charge for the booth. From booking your space, to setup of the booth and dismantling to pre and post reports. It could be a big load of tasks. But you can make it a bit easier with all these preparation tips.

1. Create a list of all the tasks you would need to do. A big load of work could be so much easier when you can already see what you need to do beforehand.

2. Create a timeline – Along with the tasks that you have listed, create a timeline with it. Assign how much time you would need for each task. You may also check out these tips on the things to do given your timeline before the show. Creating a timeline can let you see an overview of the tasks you need to do. Here’s a sample timeline for you.

3. Delegate – Remember that you don’t have to do all the tasks all by yourself. Choose people who are qualified and experienced in the task. With your checklist and timeline, take note also of the people responsible for each task.



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