Experience with the exhibition stand design and production company, BOUNDLESS.

“A professional design team, good handcrafters and endless support convinced us to book Boundless again

Our company Schwa-Medico GmbH has attended the Arab Health exhibition for 15 years in Dubai. We’ve never had a professional contractor on our side because we never paid much attention to stand designs and services. We were simply used to renting the area and furniture needed to showcase our products, and of course, following the standards like the logos, posters and rollups of our company. We’ve always gone that way as most companies did too.

 But this year in 2020, the Arab Health evolved, and their event infrastructure changed. There were new designs of medical products, plenty of new medical exhibitors and more attractive exhibition stands and so we’ve decided to take another path and hired Boundless.

We received many offers from different contracting companies, but we chose Boundless because of their attractive offer. They were very simple and genial as they had conveniently attached a sheet with the pre-selection of the stand designs, utilities and equipment and other special requirements and we only had to click what we preferred from the many options they offered. The further details came as a step by step process that included designed drawings, picture simulations and customization for our product requirements.

Throughout the whole planning, I felt supported and very close-embedded with Boundless. We had a very stable and continuous contact over emails, WhatsApp messages and phone calls. They were very genial from the first touch of the project until the final real booth design including the possible changes based on our additional wishes.

 Our company was excited about this great work. During the build-up days, seeing the first view and the final stand construction in real life was fantastic for me to see and that included the cabinets, LED lightings and the customized counters for our presentation. To add to that, there was always someone to check and solve issues at the exhibition for us. Their service included daily cleaning and controlling of all necessary aspects like power supply and others. The package Boundless offered was absolutely fair and acceptable.

This Arab Health 2020 was the best exhibition we’ve participated in Dubai and that’s because of Boundless. The great booth concept with all its exquisite features of design and functionality was a very big important component for our successful presentation.

A professional design team, good handcrafters and endless support convinced us to book Boundless again for next year’s Arab Health to achieve a well-designed booth, exceptional services and add more to the good reputation our business clients had of the stand.

A very special thanks goes to Raissa Juachon as she guided and supported me from the beginning until the final product. This kind of customer service in one hand was made of a trustful, comfortable and professional cooperation from me as the direct client of BOUNDLESS.

Much gratitude to the BOUNDLESS Team, for their awesome work and services. Boundless will surely be recommended to other business partners.

Head of Export
Schwa-Medico GmbH GERMANY