As exhibitions in some parts of the world start to reopen, last week we at joined The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry in celebrating the Global Exhibitions Day, celebrated on every first Wednesday of June.

This comes as a good news in our industry which was one of the badly hit during the pandemic crisis.

The celebration of industry colleagues across the globe was overwhelming to watch in the different social media streams through #GED2020. It was also through this campaign that we somehow got reconnected to our partners from various countries.

The campaign sparked hope and brought joy to our team, and we are now rigorously preparing for the reopening of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Middle East exhibitions to reassure our clients that we are ready to serve.

Read the message for GED2020 from the organizers here:

Global Exhibitions Day this year will focus on the message: Exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies.

Our message concentrates on the idea of connecting, reconnecting, starting and rebuilding communities and economies. We are promoting that face-to-face exhibitions are the fastest way to reconnect with your marketplace, and that the connections made at exhibitions will lead to the renewal of our economy.

GED 2020 is a unification of the industry, an occasion to share hope and optimism, and a focus on the important role of exhibitions in reconnecting and rebuilding communities and economies.