It is without a doubt how this global pandemic has changed the way we operate every aspect of our lives. A year we thought we’d prosper, attain success and happiness turned out to be a year of hardships for everyone.

Despite the many struggles that this pandemic has brought upon all of us, it is important to look at our struggles in a different way (as means of lessons to assimilate) can really change our disposition as we accustom ourselves to work life amidst Covid-19

Here are the top 3 lessons we can take from experiencing the heat of the global pandemic and how we can apply it to our work life:


It is true when they say the world won’t stop moving unless you catch up, and ever since the pandemic, we have been all around trying to accommodate ourselves to the new rules and regulations, lifestyle and overall welfare. We learned to adjust because we had to keep up with the pace of safety and precautions that varies with the unpredictability of the pandemic. We have equipped ourselves to be ready for whatever has to come because we have developed our sense of preparedness which is something we can apply in our work life! Being adaptable in a workplace especially in hard times like these shows how resourceful we can be. It develops the flexibility of our character and thinking to adapt to certain situations that can arise at any time and how to think of diverse solutions to overcome amidst unfavorable circumstances.


When the government announced a lockdown, the initial response was joyful to many because everyone had to stay home. Work schedules have been altered and everyone was in the comfort of their own bed. Nevertheless, as weeks or months passed by during quarantine, every life factor has been tailored to fit our home setting – including our social life. With both a big, small or even no family, working has been made difficult unless we learn to communicate with the people we live with or even communicate business matters that were normally done verbally but now done virtually. We learn the art of communication through synergy and this synergy gives a huge return value at work. Developing our teamwork promotes more unity and with the new rules and regulations at work, we are required to work even more in a synergical way. We need to strengthen the way we communicate with others because it is needed more during this period as to which communication barriers exist. Doing so will enhance the overall work environment and the quality of work that is produced.


We really start to learn about ourselves once our normal day to day life ceases. This pandemic challenged our mentalities and made us reflect the life we have. And no matter the struggles this pandemic brought to us, we learned to persevere and believe in our capabilities to overcome the situation. We are even more determined to work harder than before because the pandemic is trying to work against us. Despite the negativity being a part of life, we learn to develop our mindset. We learn to have self-efficacy and applying it to work serves to drive oneself’s ability to achieve and accomplish anything. Developing a more positive attitude in work during these times enhances the quality of work and productivity. A happy work environment with positive attitudes aids to fruitful outcomes for any businesses.

Life has changed drastically for everyone since the outbreak of the novel Covid-19, while it is normal to carry the pain and struggles, it is always better to convert such aspects into something we can use to improve the quality of our lives in every way in order to attain the opposing side of negativity. Unprecedented times in truth, teach us about lessons in life and it is imperative to remember that the greatest lessons we learn are usually from tough times and that is how we grow. Though the pandemic added a massive weight on our shoulders, we should build ourselves to be stronger than it because from here onwards, we will only keep moving forward attaining success and happiness as we apply lessons we learn in life.